Laser hardening / laser-beam hardening

Targeted heat treatment using diode lasers

Laserhärten / Laserstrahlhärten

A surface hardening process for localised, shallow hardening

Laser hardening creates thin hardened layers that undergo a structural transformation through a process known as self-quenching. Due to the very short heating times, the process produces an extremely fine-grained structure.

Laser hardening is a clean process and can be carried out in an inert atmosphere if required. The use of an inert gas means the hardened surfaces rarely require rework.

Laser hardening is primarily used for radii and bearing areas. It is also suitable for small valve seats and some types of guide track (depending on geometry).

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Laser hardening allows specific areas of components to be hardened with very little distortion.
It is ideal for components that require very localised hardening.