Materials compatible with induction hardening

Workpiece dimensions and materials

We can perform all types of induction hardening on materials with a carbon content of at least 0.3 % (e.g. heat-treated steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, free-machining steel). Our hardening shop can handle special workpieces (single components), small- and medium-sized production runs and mass-produced components.

We can perform heat treatment on almost any kind of workpiece, from hydraulic pistons, valve cones, bolts, wheel hubs, crankshafts and gears (tip-by-tip hardening, gap-by-gap hardening or spin hardening) through to guide rails and machine tables.

Maximum workpiece dimensions for induction hardening


We use induction hardening as a surface hardening technique.


Because induction hardening can be done selectively, it offers a number of benefits compared to other techniques.


We have a comprehensive range of standard induction coils and can also produce custom coils if required.