Benefits and characteristics

Induction hardening and heat treatment

Thanks to our universal and special-purpose machines that operate at medium and high frequency (3–12 kHz and 50–550 kHz respectively), and our dual-frequency process for precise contour hardening, we can harden workpieces to almost any depth.


Benefits of induction hardening

  • High level of reproducibility thanks to carefully controlled parameters
    The hardening equipment can be automated
  • Specific parts of a workpiece can be hardened (while leaving the other areas soft)
  • Geometric and dimensional distortion are relatively low
  • Suitable for very large and/or heavy workpieces
  • Relatively clean and environmentally friendly
  • The quenching medium is collected, filtered and re-used
  • If required, hardening can be carried out in an inert atmosphere to produce scale-free workpieces that require little or no rework

Penetration depths for different frequencies


We use induction hardening as a surface hardening technique.


Suitable for special workpieces (single components), small- and medium-sized production runs and mass-produced components.


We have a comprehensive range of standard induction coils and can also produce custom coils if required.