Quality management principles

Our guiding principles

  • We want to keep our customers happy. That’s why delivering high-quality products and services is our top priority.

  • We base our definition of quality on what our users and customers require. In other words, the quality standards for our products and services are set by our customers.

  • We adhere to the quality principles of “zero defects” and “right first time”.

  • We will process all enquiries, quotations, orders, claims and other communications rigorously and quickly. When we give a deadline, we will meet it.

  • We will provide training and further development opportunities to help employees develop a solid understanding of quality and adopt good quality practices.

  • We are all responsible for quality. Every employee therefore has a duty to deliver impeccable work. If an operator identifies a quality risk and is unable to address it without assistance, they must tell their manager immediately.

  • We will not only eliminate non-conformities, we will eliminate the causes of non-conformities. Preventing non-conformities is more important than eliminating them.

  • We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to quality, and support them as we work towards our quality goals together.

  • We are committed to following these quality management principles and any additional requirements expressed by our customers.

Grundsätze des QS