Quality control

The Rieker quality guarantee

Continuous improvement and optimisation of our heat treatment processes

Our operators use Rockwell hardness testers to carry out spot checks of the surface hardness of heat-treated parts. For series-produced parts we can produce quality control charts (SPC control charts) on request.

We have an advanced quality control and materials testing laboratory where we can measure surface hardness and analyse hardness profiles using the Vickers test method.

Using test parts, we can optically analyse the hardness profile. We also analyse and inspect materials using a metallurgical microscope.
We record and archive the results of our quality inspections and include the results of all tests on customer delivery notes at no extra charge. On request, we can also produce testing and acceptance certificates and first article inspection reports.



Performing quality control keeps us on track and motivates us to continually improve and optimise our heat treatment processes so that we can manufacture customer components to ever higher standards of quality based on measurable criteria.